TWICE AS NICE is a Belgian must in the fashion jewelry world. 

The brand was established in 1980 and was created in Antwerp. 

Through its own language, it captures the contemporary spirit. 

Great taste, quality and a typical Antwerp “no-nonsense” approach are the driving force behind the collections. 

The assortment is composed out of original creations, in which the sophistication is translated through its simplicity. 

The jewels are made in silver, steel and other types of material. 

Besides its unique jewelry collections, TWICE AS NICE differentiates itself from the competition through a unique store concept. 

Today, TWICE AS NICE represents a network of around fifty stores, of which some are franchises. 

Recently, five TWICE AS NICE boutiques were successfully launched in Luxemburg. 

The last four years the brand has been elected by the Belgian audience to be the “Best Chain Store” in the category “Jewelry” (Q&A Research). 

TWICE AS NICE expands into the international market by launching a web shop. New collections, info and news can be consulted on the website. Jewelry can be purchased through the site and have it delivered to your home.